1 Basics

1.1 Before starting

Before using, use the product safely after reading the user manual and safety precautions.

  • The user manual describes based on the default setting values.
  • The contents of the user manual may differ from the actual contents depending on the software version or model.
  • Some services require an internet connection.
  • If the user arbitrarily modifies the operating system or software, the product may not work properly. Also, warranty service is not covered for any problems caused by it.
  • Data charges may apply when using features that use the Internet through mobile hotspots.

Description of the symbol

아이콘 경고.png
Warning : This sign warns that a risk of death or serious injury may result if caution is not taken.
아이콘 금지.png
Ban : This sign infoms you of action that should not be taken when using the product.
아이콘 주의.png
Caution : This sign inform you of the precautions to be taken for safe and correct use of the product.
아이콘 알림.png
Note : This sign informs you of good information to know when using the product.

1.2 Precautions for the use environment

The temperature of the product may become excessively high in the following situations. High temperatures may cause product performance degradation, malfunction, or compromise safety.

  • Do not store the product in extremely low or high temperatures.
  • Do not expose the product to direct sunlight for a long time.
  • Do not keep the product in a poorly ventilated room for a long time in the middle of the hot summer.
  • Do not keep the product near appliances that may overheat, such as stoves and heating appliances.
아이콘 알림.png
In case of unavoidable exposure to direct sunlight, it is very helpful to cover it with a dry towel.

1.3 Safety precautions

This is to protect the safety of users and others and prevent property damage in advance. Please read the following carefully before use and be sure to follow it.

아이콘 경고.png Warning
Failure to comply may result in death or serious injury.

Drive according to the actual laws.
Drive according to the marine indications and actual regulations when guiding a route using a GPS plotter.

The navigator should not keep an eye on the screen during the voyage.
It may cause a marine accident due to negligence in the front.

Do not mount the main in a place that interferes with vision or navigation.
Mounting it in a place that interferes with vision or safety may cause accidents at sea.

Install and wire correctly.
Failure to install and wire correctly according to the instruction manual may cause an accident or fire.

Do not disassemble, repair or remodel.
In case of failure, it may cause an accident or fire. If you disassemble, repair or remodel, you cannot receive A/S.

Do not use in a faulty or abnormal condition.
If it is used in an abnormal condition such as smoke or no sound, it may cause fire. Stop using it immediately and after checking the power supply , consult with the distributer you purchased .

This unit is for DC 12V to 36V only.
In case of using other volts , it may cause an accident or fire.

Use in a well-ventilated area.
If there is no ventilation, heat may be concentrated inside the main body and cause a fire.

Do not damage the wires and cords by pulling them.
It may cause a short circuit or disconnection, resulting in a fire or malfunction.

Do not drop it or subject it to strong impact.
It may cause malfunction or fire.

아이콘 주의.png Precaution
Failure to comply may result in personal injury or property damage.

Do not use for a long time with the engine stopped.
Sometimes the engine does not run due to battery drain.

Use a standard product when replacing the fuse.
Use of non-standard fudge may cause fire or malfunction. Use a 5A fuse.

For correct use
Handle it correctly according to the instructions.
Do not leave it in extreme high or low temperatures. (Storage temperature range: -10℃ ~ +50℃)

About LCD screen

  • The screen looks different depending on the viewing angle. Use it within the range of the following angles. (Top 20º, Bottom 20º, Left 45º, Right 45º)
  • The vision may deteriorate at temperatures below -10°C or above +50°C, but this is not a malfunction. It will recover within the preservation temperature range.
  • When used in cold weather (below 0°C), the internal lighting divice (backlight) dims, but recovers when the temperature rises.
  • Hitting the screen with a sharp object may cause damage.

1.4 Name and role of each part

1.4.1 Components

Main device
구성품 고정대.png
Mounting Bracket
구성품 전원 케이블.png
Power Cable
구성품 리모컨.png
Wireless R/C
구성품 퓨즈&볼트.png
Fuse & Bolt
구성품 노브.png
구성품 송수파기.png
(600W or 1.5kW)
  • Components may not be compatible with other devices.
  • The appearance and specifications of components are subject to change without notice.
  • For separately sold product, use the genuine products provided by Haiyang Olix and distributer. The use of nongenuine products can cause performance degradation and failure, and if a problem occurs, you cannot receive warranty service.

1.4.2 Each part name and key description

버튼 이동 위.png 버튼 이동 아래.png Move the depth up and down.
버튼 수심 증가.png 버튼 수심 감소.png Reduce or extend depth of water.
버튼 방향키와 로터리.png Rotary: You can select a menu. You can set the ensitivity/attenuation when using the Fishfinder.
Button : This is [Input] key.
버튼 메뉴 원본.png 버튼 모드 원본.png MENU : Invoke the menu.
MODE : Select the mode, normal, bottom zoom, bottom lock, part zoom.
버튼 화면선택 원본.png 버튼 기능 원본.png PAGE : Use to select a Screen mode.
FUNC : It is used by setting the key the user wants.
버튼 마크 원본.png 버튼 커서 원본.png WPT : Add/delete marks.
CURSOR : Turn on the Time Machine.
버튼 취소 원본.png 버튼 전원 원본.png CANCEL : Use to cancel settings or exit menus.
POWER : Power On/Off or Open the System Control window.

1.4.3 Connector specification

단자 2주파.png
3 TD1
5 TD2
단자 3주파.png
1 UDI_TD 2
2 UDI_TD 1
3 UFF_TD 2
4 UFF_TD 1
NMEA 2000
단자 NMEA2000.png
2 DC ±12V
3 DC -
단자 전원.png
1 DC +(12V~36V)
2 DC -
3 NC
NMEA 0183
단자 NMEA0183.png
2 TX +
4 RX +
5 RX -
6 +12V
단자 AIS.png
2 TX +
4 RX +
5 RX -
6 +12V

1.5 Memory card

Memory cards are used to store, restore, and back up various user data such as mark, route, track, set value and etc.
Vega support SD and micro SD.

아이콘 알림.png
  • Depending on the type of memory card, the memory card may not be recognized.
  • Saving and erasing data frequently may shorten the lifespan of the memory card.

1.5.1 Inserting memory card

Open the cover of the memory card slot and insert the memory card according to the hole. In the case of SD or microSD, insert it until it clicks.

아이콘 주의.png
  • Do not turn the memory card over or insert it in reverse.
  • Some memory cards may not be fully compatible with this product. Using an incompatible memory card may damage the product, data, or memory card.
  • Inserting a wet memory card may damage the product, data, or memory card.
  • Close the cover of the slot to prevent liquid from entering the product.

1.5.2 Removing the memory card

For SD and microSD, first press once until you hear a click sound. It pops out slightly for easy removal. After, take it out lightly.

아이콘 주의.png
Do not separate the memory card immediately after using the product, transferring the file, or completing the transfer. Data may be damaged or lost, or the product may malfunction. The user is responsible for any damage such as data loss caused by incorrect use.

1.6 Turn on/off

1.6.1 Turn on

Press 버튼 전원.png lightly to turn on the product.

1.6.2 Turn off

  1. Press 버튼 전원.png.
  2. Press 시스템 전원.png.
  3. Press 버튼 로터리.png or 'Yes' when a guide message appears.
아이콘 알림.png
You can also turn it off by pressing and holding 버튼 전원.png for more than 3 seconds.

1.7 Import previous device settings

You can import settings from your old device to your new device.

  1. Insert the memory card into the old device.
  2. 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 5. Others → 1. Save User Setting to the memory card through Save User Settings.
  3. Remove the memory card from your old device and insert it into your device.
  4. From new product go to 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 3. Maintenance → 7. Initialization → 1. User Initialization to Import old device's settings from memory card.

1.8 Touch screen operation

1.9 System Controls

You can make basic system settings. You can enter by pressing 버튼 전원.png.

시스템 설정.png
시스템 전원.png
Power off.
시스템 재시작.png
Restart the power.
시스템 밝기.png
It can be adjusted by pressing 버튼 좌.png 버튼 우.png or 버튼 수심 증가.png 버튼 수심 감소.png or turning 버튼 로터리.png.
시스템 야간 모드.png
Switch to night mode.

night mode off night mode on

시스템 터치 잠금.png
Disable the touch screen. Long touch when locking by touch.
시스템 와이파이.png
Enter the Wi-Fi setting window. Connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi before using the online update.
시스템 블루투스.png
Enter the Bluetooth setting window, Connect to the smart phone with Bluetooth before using the Pegasus.
시스템 HY-NET.png
Connect with VEGA-F using HY-NET.

1.9.1 HY-NET

VG-12F, VG-10F connect with Bluetooth supported GPS plotter. Then they work together like one machine.

Pairing with VEGA-F and GPS plotter

HY-NET uses bluetooth. Pairing the two machine when connecting for the first time.

Connect using HY-NET

1.10 Other setting

1.10.1 Unit setting

Set the units for distance and speed in 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced -> 2. Setup -> 1. Unit.

  1. DIST/Speed
    1NM = 1.852km
  2. Depth
    1m = 3.281ft = 0.549fm = 0.609lfm = 0.660Jfm
  3. TEMP
    Celsius℃ = Fahrenheit +32℉

1.10.2 Time&Date Setting

버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 2. Setup → 3. Time&Date

  1. Reference
    The GPS receiver uses the international standard time, the time zone may vary by region (country).The display time can be adjusted when sailing in different time zone
  2. Time Format
    You can set the time display method.
  3. Date Format
    You can set the date display order to year-month-day, month-day-year, day-month-year.
  4. Month Format
    You can set the date format to either letters or numbers.

1.10.3 Input-output setting

버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 2. Setup → 4. Input/Output

  1. Output Sentences
$GPGGA GPS information ON
$GPVTG Ship speed and direction inforamtion ON
$GPZDA Time and Date OFF
$GPRMB Recommended minimum voyage information OFF
$GPRMC GNSS information ON
$GPAPB Heading/track controller (autopliot) sentence B ON
$GPXTE Cross-track error, measured OFF
$GPBOD Bearing, origin to destination OFF
$GPBWC Waypoint direction and distance ON
$SYPLT 삼영 자동 조정 장치 OFF
  1. Transmit
    You can set the NMEA and AIS transmission speed.
  2. Output Version
    You can set the Output Version.

1.10.4 Transparency

In 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 2. Setup → 6. Customizing → 6. Alpha Blending, you can set the background transparency of the data bar and sub screen. (The lower the number, the more transparent it is.)

1.10.5 Auto back up

When 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 2. Setup → 6. Customizing → 9. User Convenience → 1. Auto Backup is turn on, WPTs and tracks are automatically backed up internally. File name is saved as mark WPT_backup.dat and track TRACK_backup.dat.

1.10.6 Equipment initialization

You can initialize in 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 3. Maintenance → 7. Initialization.

  1. User Initialization : It is initialized to the settings saved by the user.
  2. Setup Initialization : All set values ​​are initialized to the initial state.
  3. Factory initialization : All set values and user datars are initialized to the initial state.
아이콘 알림.png
You can save user setting file for user initialization through 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 5. Others → 1. Save User Setting.

1.10.7 Buzzer setting

You can turn on and off the action sound in 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 2. Setup → 5. Buzzer.

1.10.8 Check the version

You can check the version in 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 3. Maintenance.

  1. Program Version
  2. OS Version
  3. Map Version

1.10.9 Simulator

In 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 3. Maintenance → 4. Simulator, you can test the fishfinder with the data stored in the memory.

1.10.10 Remote control settings

You can settings related to the remote control in 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced -> 3. Maintenance -> 6. Remote Control Settings.

  1. Remote Control : You can set whether to use the remote control.
  2. Remote Control Pairing : You can register the remote control to use with this product. When the remote control registration window appears and then press the Cancel button on the remote control twice, Remote control is registered. When a remote control is registered, operation is possible only with the remote control.
  3. Remote Control Dispairing : Unregister the remote control and receive operation signal from all remote control.

1.10.11 Wired LAN setting

You can set IP of wired LAN in 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 3. Maintenance → 8. Wire LAN.

1.10.12 Online update

Programs and maps can be updated to the latest version through the Internet.

아이콘 알림.png
Hotspot is function that supplys wireless internet through smartphone, you can skip this process where Wi-Fi wireless internet is available.

1.10.13 Language and Input

You can set Android system languages and keyboards on 버튼 메뉴.png → 8. Advanced → 3. Maintenance → 10. Advanced Menu → 1. Language & Input.

2 Fishfinder

2.1 Screen description

2.1.1 Pages

Press 버튼 화면선택.png allows you to select 16 different screen modes.

아이콘 주의.png
You can not use pages include 340kHz without 3 Frequency transducer.

2.1.2 Modes

You can use the various zoom mode by pressing 버튼 모드.png in the normal mode.

아이콘 주의.png
The above feature is only available in normal mode.
아이콘 알림.png
You can set zoom ranges used in bottom lock, bottom zoom from 버튼 메뉴.png → 3. Zoom Range → 1. Zoom Range.

2.2 Data bar

데이터바 어군탐지기.png

2.2.1 Adjusting the depth of water.

Press 버튼 수심 증가.png 버튼 수심 감소.png to adjust the depth of the water. or

  1. Press 버튼 좌.png 버튼 우.png to select the depth of water.
  2. Turn 버튼 로터리.png to adjust the depth of water.

2.2.2 Auto/Manual depth range

You can change the depth of the water automatically or manually from 버튼 메뉴.png → 2. Depth Range.

2.2.3 Depth of water shift

Raise the lowest depth of water as you want and display it on the screen. You can set in 버튼 메뉴.png → 4. Shift.

아이콘 주의.png
Depth of water shift is only available for manual depth of water.

2.2.4 Adjusting the Sensitivitiy

  1. Press 버튼 방향키.png to select the sensitivity of frequency. You can see that the frequency has been selected through the blue text background.
  2. Turn 버튼 로터리.png to adjust the sensitivity.
아이콘 알림.png
To change the sensitivity auto/manual, press 버튼 로터리.png while the sensitivity is selected. In auto, you can adjust the sensitivit by turning 버튼 로터리.png.

2.2.5 Adjusting the attenuation (STC)

  1. Select attenunation (STC) of frequency by pressing 버튼 방향키.png.
  2. Adjust the attenuation (STC) by turning 버튼 로터리.png.

2.3 Time machine

If you turn off 버튼 메뉴.png → 7. Scroll, you can look back when you want to see the past screen of fishfinder.

  1. Press the [Cursor] key on the remote control with the fishfinder.
  2. When the cursor is called, press 버튼 좌.png 버튼 우.png, turn 버튼 로터리.png, or move to the past fishfinder screen by using touch and check it.

아이콘 알림.png
If you press 버튼 마크 원본.png on the past screen of the fishfinder, the mark is input with a red line at the past position. Depending on the situation, the error range of the generated mark is different.
아이콘 주의.png
The length of the screen that can be checked on the time machine with depends on the depth of water.

2.4 Screen Settings

2.4.1 Image speed

버튼 메뉴.png → 6. Fishfinder → 3. Display → 2. Image Speed. You can select the movement speed of the fishfinder screen from 1/32X to 4X.

2.4.2 White line

Change the color of seabed surface in 버튼 메뉴.png → 9. Advanced → 6. Display → 3. White Line, It clearly distinguishes the school of fish and the seabed. You can change to black and white.

화이트라인 일반.png 화이트라인 검정.png 화이트라인 흰.png

2.4.3 Fish symbol

You can set display fish symbol on school of fish when the school of fish detected on fishfinder screen in 버튼 메뉴.png → 9. Advanced → 6. Display → 9. Fish.

  1. Fish symbol : Turn on and off the Fish symbol.
    물고기 심볼.png
  2. Fish size : Turn on and off mark of the size of fish groups. It can be marked in cm or inch.
    물고기 사이즈.png
아이콘 주의.png
  • Depending on the sea environment, the classification of fish groups may not be accurate.
  • Depending on the sea environment, the size of fish groups may not be accurate.

2.5 Other settings

2.5.1 Rejection

Eliminate interference caused by fishfinder of other ship. It is used at close range to fish with other ships equipped with sonar. You can turn on and off in 버튼 메뉴.png → 6. Rejection → 1. Interference Rejection.

2.5.2 Color Rejection

Erazes from the screen one at a time from the lower level colors. Use this when a lot of noise is displayed on the fishfinder screen or when you want to see only a strong reflector. You can set it in 버튼 메뉴.png → 9. Advanced → 7. Color → 1. Color Rejection..

2.5.3 Finder Screen Color

You can change the background color of the fishfinder screen in 버튼 메뉴.png → 9. Advanced → 7. Color → 2. Finder Screen Color.

2.5.4 Image Filter

You can turn on/off horizontal and vertical image filters in 버튼 메뉴.png → 9. Advanced → 7. Color → 3. Image Filter.

2.5.5 Pulse

Change the transmission pulse width of the fishinder transmitter in 버튼 메뉴.png → 9. Advenced → 10. Others → 1. Pulse.

아이콘 알림.png
If the pulse width is narrowed, the school of fish discrimination is good and the water of depth discrimination is poor.

2.5.6 Water temperature

When the water temperature is not correct, You can calibrate in 버튼 메뉴.png → 9. Advanced -> 10. Others → 2. Watere TEMP.

2.5.7 Boat speed

When the Ship speed is not correct, You can calibrate it in 버튼 메뉴.png → 9. Advanced -> 10. Others -> 3. Boat Speed.

아이콘 주의.png
Available only when the ship speed input setting is Transducer.

2.5.8 Draft set

When the ship's transducer position is different from the water's surface, You can calibrate it in 버튼 메뉴.png → 9. Advanced → 10. Others → 4. Draft Set.

2.5.9 Speed source

Select which ship speed information to receive in 버튼 메뉴.png → 9. Advanced → 10. Others → 5. Speed Source.